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Products & Services: Pest Control, Extermination, Fumigation, Applied Entomologist, Termite Control, Anti-termite treatment, Cockroach Control, Bedbug control.
Address: 264/5, Kamal Soroni Rd, Dhaka-1216.
City: Dhaka
Phone: 8802-9030408
Desc: Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. is engaged to improve health, hygiene, safety and life style of the urban society. It has a wide range of services for management of pest, appropriate sanitation, disinfections, water purification and air purification and appliances for household, commercial and industrial application.

1.Pre construction anti termite soil treatment(This service must have to be with all the modern building and it will protected building from invasive most destructive termites. This service enable the building basement soil to proof against termite! It could be applied for under construction building too)

2.Post construction anti-termite treatment: This service is needed if your building is invaded by termites throughout the entire building or if any symble of termite activity found or must have be keep to protect your life's big investment against most destructive termite pest! This is big chapter treat an entire building. This requires a big amount of pesticides and labors to complete a single and perfect treatment! It is more cost effective than any others peat control services. Mathodologies also vary from pest control operator to operator with ablility to manage effective pesticides and tools. Consumers should look on their educational backgrounds too.

3.General pest control services for residence, business, property, Food processing units, factory, industry, enveronment and crop( The diversity of pest existing in the mentioned sites must be control by an pest control operator not by an exterminator because of these pest might working as a pathogen carrying vector, nuisances, irritating, dangerous, destructive etc).


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