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Address: Santosh, Tangail-1902
City: Tangail
Phone: Phone: +880921 55399
Fax: Fax : +880921 55400
Desc: History Of MBSTU

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University has been named after one of the renowned political leaders and philosophers of Bangladesh- Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. Today's MBSTU is the outcome of the dream which had been dreamt by him long ago. Mawlana Bhashani had the desire to establish a university that would build its students as independent, honest and hard working citizens. He had proposed the name of this university "Islamic University". Unfortunately his concerns of Islamic University had remained just a dream throughout his lifetime. Long after this spiritual leader`s death, a university named "Islamic University" did establish but this university was established in the district of Kustia instead of Tangail. After waiting a long period of time the Prime Minister of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh "Seikh Hasina" founded the foundation-stone of MBSTU at Santosh, Tangail in 1999.

On 21st November of 2002 Prof. Dr. Md. Yousuf Sharif Ahmed Khan had been appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of the university and finally MBSTU started running officially with only two departments - Computer Science and Engineering & Information And Communication Technology under the first Faculty of the University which is the faculty of Computer Science & Engineering. MBSTU had started its first academic activities with a total of 83 students and 5 teachers of the CSE faculty on 25/10/2003. After about eight months of academic duration of the university, MBSTU had been added with two new departments - Environmental Science & Resource Management and Criminology & Police Science under the second faculty of the University which is the faculty of Life Science. In course of time new departments have been added under both the CSE and the LS faculties of MBSTU. These newly added departments are - Textile Engineering, Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, Food Technology & Nutritional Science. At present the university holds a total of about 1000 of students in it and MBSTU is making its way towards the success and glory.
Welcome to MBSTU

The divine power lies in the understanding of science and the application of technology. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University is aimed to provide its students with the knowledge of proper combination of science and technology to get them prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. The students of MBSTU hold not only the scientific knowledge but also the norm and values to become complete social human beings who would break all the obstacles of the society and lead it to a better one as they are influenced by the vision of the spiritual philosopher and the leader of the leaders - Mawalana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. That is why the students of MBSTU are well equipped to face the challenges of day to day life anywhere.

The Chancellor of the University

Zillur Rahman
President, People`s Republic of Bangladesh

The Vice-Chancellor

Professor Dr. M. Nurul Islam

The University Syndicate


Professor Dr. M. Nurul Islam
Vice-Chancellor, MBSTU


Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Education

Director General
Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, Mymensingh

Director General
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur

Professor Dr. Md. Abu Hanif Sheikh
Department of Geography & Environment Studies, RU

Professor Dr. S H K Yusuf Jai
Ex. Member, Planning Commission
Ex. Dean and Professor, BUET
and Ex. Ambassador

Professor. Dr. Ehsanul Haque
Member, Bangladesh University Grants Commission

Mr. Moinul Hossain
Barrister, Supreme Court

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka

Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo
Ex. President, FBCCI

Professor Main Uddin Ahmed
Principle, Nagorpur Government College, Tangail

Professor Nazir Ahmed
Principle, Kumudini Government Woman`s College, Tangail


Professor Md. Nurul Islam Mia
Registrar, MBSTU

Deans of Faculties
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Professor Dr. M. Nurul Islam
Faculty of Life Science

Professor Dr. M. Nurul Islam

Heads of Departments
Computer Science and Engineering

Md. Motiur Rahman
Information and Communication Technology

S. M. Anamul Haque
Environmental Science and Resource Management

Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam
Criminology and Police Science

Md. Asaduzzaman Saadi
Textile Engineering

Md. Abu Bakar Siddiquee
Food Technology and Nutritional Science

Rokeya Begum
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Professor Dr. M. Nurul Islam

Provosts of Residential Halls
Dormitory 01

Mostofa Kamal Nasir
Alema Khatun Bhashani Dormitory

Rokeya Begem
Dormitory 03

Mohammad Ashraful Alam
Shahid President Ziaur Rahman Dormitory

Md. Omar Faruk


Md. Mahbubul Hoque

The academic departments of the university offer degree programs in different engineering and science disciplines under two faculties - the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering and the faculty of Life Science. All the departments offer undergraduate degree programs. There are the following seven departments.

Faculty of Computer Science

* Computer Science and Engineering
* Information and Communication Technology
* Textile Engineering

Faculty of Life Science

* Environmental Science and Resource Management
* Criminology and Police Science
* Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
* Food Technology and Nutrition Science
Perspective of ICT

An old saying goes: "Knowledge is power." If knowledge is replaced with information, then - in this era of advancement - the saying molded itself to "Information is power." However, information is only becomes a power when powered with Information and Communication Technology, in short ICT. Every moment we produce information - knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Information, thus produced, has got immense impact on us. The technology, developed in the last few years as an integrated field, has contribution from the advancement of solid state physics, computer science, communication engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and above all, demand to meet the hunger for knowing information of the mass. Thus, ICT has become a substantial cutting-edge field of technology. When a field of this repute is developing, there are scopes for accommodating many more options within its fledging folds. Therefore, the syllabus of such a course is designed as such that it meets all demands of the emerging fields that may base on this subject.
Sajjad Wahid
Assistant Professor (On Leave)
Mohammad Nazrul Islam Patwary
Assistant Professor (On Leave)
Mohammad Amir Sharif
Assistant Professor
S M Anamul Haque
Assistant Professor
Muhammod Shahin Uddin
Md. Ahsan Habib
Monir Morshed
Ms. Nargis Akter
Campus Life

MBSTU leads a lifestyle which is colorful, exciting & full of various interesting events. The students are ought to attend their classes from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m during the weekdays - Saturday to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are weekend. The students get the opportunity to visit various interesting places as educational tour every now and then.

The students are inhabited in four distinctive dormitories. Three of the dormitories are for the gents & the other one is for the ladies. Several multistoried dormitories with all kinds of modern facilities are under process of deployment.

The official activities are maintained by the administrative department of MBSTU which is divided into several sub departments to perform its various operations smoothly. Though the administrative department is still young in age & has limitations regarding to its activities for the lake of enough skilled manpower, still it manages to execute on its own.

The medical centre of MBSTU is equipped with necessary instruments and doctor to provide appropriate health care to the students and it is always ready to face any sudden situation.

The Physical Education Department plays a significant role in the campus. It occasionally organizes different departmental sport events to cheer the students up. It also maintains & organizes the annual sports of MBSTU. This department also runs the gymnasium to facilitate the students to keep sound health.

Various cultural activities such as Ekushe February, Sadhinota Dibosh, Bijoy Dibosh, Nobo Borsho, Pohela Falgun & Boshonto Boron are celebrated with proper respect & ritual regarding to the occasion. Besides these national annual events, many more activities such as programming contest, seminars on environmental crisis, debating, film festival and many more.

The district of Tangail belongs to the Dhaka division. It is located in the north-west of Dhaka. Anyone can come to Tangail either by road or by train. MBSTU is situated at Santosh of Tangail & Santosh is also located in the north-west of main town of Tangail. So after reaching Tangail, the person who wants to come to MBSTU, will have to make his way to the campus by road crossing the main town of Tangail.

The central library is proposed to emerge into an electronic library soon so that it can run more flexibly & the students can get the chance to take the advantage of the library to the fullest.


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