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Products & Services: SHARE works for the human & socio-economic development for a congenial society; creation equitable opportunity of the underprivileged & unemployed people of Kishoregonj and for the establishment of their basic rights in the society.
Address: Batrish, Pashu Hospital Road,Kishoregonj-2300
City: Kishoregonj
Phone: 8801711577059
Desc: The active involvement of benevolent people is a necessary and vital complement to governmental and intergovernmental bodies in solving the fundamental problems of society and building a Bangladesh of peace and well-being. During a gathering of few concerned citizens, the founding of Society For Human Actions & Rights Everywhere (SHARE) is proposed for the greater good of humanity, and subsequently initiated, and provided support for, the establishment of such a body in 2006.

It is proper and beneficial to establish such an Organization in order to perpetuate good in service to humanity beyond all borders, do hereby agree that this body, known as SHARE, shall be governed by the 7 (Seven) Founding Principles; such as- Service, Beyond Boundaries, Human Rights, Dignity, Family, Religious Freedom and Public Responsibility.

Accordingly, Society For Human Actions & Rights Everywhere (SHARE) is a local non-governmental Organization (NGO), which is established in 2007 with aiming to be purposeful and dynamic, making real contributions to social improvement schemes on a local and national scale in close collaboration with all community. It operates its activities in 2 Upazillas of Kishoregonj District majority of the population of these areas are mostly very poor, illiterate and landless. Their main earning sources are daily labour and agriculture activities. SHARE encourages and supports well-planned initiatives aimed at the development of the society.

SHARE strives to establish rights and dignity of the poor people especially in the community women. It has a group of trained and devoted working team; they are working to implement social and human development projects.
SHARE has been working to develop the socio-economic condition, and build up awareness level up to the mark legal assistance, to protect ecological imbalance and sustainable development in agriculture and to provide training to skill development and make awareness in various field of human development.

SHARE believes economic development on public awareness and skilled mechanism of public society. Hence, it has been organizing the poor people for establishing social and economic rights in the society. Keeping those problems in mind Freedom of Life Foundation has been implementing the above-mentioned multi-activities in its project areas for its beneficiaries since inception.
SHARE is established by a group of benevolent peoples & concerned citizens and patronized by a group of well-established & renowned persons with a common belief that locality.


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